The 'rainbow' meal helps prevent nutrient deficiencies

The 'rainbow' meal helps prevent nutrient deficiencies

The 'rainbow' meal helps prevent nutrient deficiencies.

A balanced diet, referred to as the 'rainbow meal,' incorporating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, helps control weight and provides essential nutrients.

"Vitamin and mineral deficiencies significantly impact long-term health, with symptoms often vague and easily overlooked, commonly referred to as hidden hunger.

"According to the National Institute of Nutrition, nutrient deficiencies are one of Vietnam's top three nutritional burdens, alongside malnutrition and obesity. Lack of nutrients can lead to hair loss, loss of appetite, fatigue, joint pain, and can adversely affect physical and intellectual development, weaken the immune system, and potentially lead to death.

"Dr. Andrew emphasizes that once a nutrient is classified as essential, it must be supplied to the body daily; otherwise, it will affect cell survival, hence the body's survival. Although nutrients are needed in small quantities, they are indispensable. For example, iron helps build red blood cells and metabolizes nutrients. Vitamin D is essential for bones and teeth, as well as muscle mass.

"The concern is that many people suffer from chronic nutrient deficiencies without realizing it until diagnosed through testing. To prevent nutrient deficiencies, doctors recommend adopting a 'rainbow meal' approach, incorporating a variety of colorful foods including red, orange, yellow, white, brown, green, blue, and purple.

"'The more colorful the meal, the better,' says Dr. Andrew, adding that decades ago, when the economy was more challenging, priorities were focused on children, and nutrition emphasized the concept of 'coloring the bowl of rice' for children. Each food has different nutritional components, so a diverse diet reduces the risk of nutrient deficiencies, providing a full range of vitamins and antioxidants for the body.

"Dr. Andrew suggests that ensuring a rainbow meal can be challenging in today's busy lifestyle. Moreover, many people follow restrictive diets for weight loss, limiting the consumption of diverse foods. Consideration may be given to supplementing synthetic vitamins, but it's important to consult a doctor for appropriate advice on the type of product and dosage."

"However, nowadays, agricultural practices heavily reliant on chemical usage result in our food being impoverished in nutrients. If possible, a small home vegetable garden can be the best source of high-quality food supplementation for every family."

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